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Counselling Services

Stress Management Support

We all experience times of stress, but it's when that stress takes over and becomes the forefront of our daily life that it can be problematic. Counselling can be helpful to talk and look at solutions in order to get your life back to where it wants to be. 

Mental Health Support

Do you ever experience feelings of overwhelm, dread, feeling out of control, sadness, hopelessness or emptiness? Don't worry! you are not alone. Whilst having these feelings some of the time is completely normal, having them daily is not.

Counselling can help by exploring why these feelings are occurring and give you a place to work through these emotions in a safe and judgement free space. Simone may work with you on different strategies and interventions to help get you back to feeling yourself again.


Life Changes and Transitions

Counselling can help if you are going through big life changes. This may include a career change, health issues,  relationships, perhaps you just want to find more joy in life. Whatever it is counselling can provide the space to talk and work through these issues so you can feel less overwhelmed and more aligned with how you want to feel. 


Loss & Grief Support 

Counselling can offer you times of encouragement and support through the grieving process, whether it be the loss of a loved one, job, relationship, or coming to terms with a health issue.

Loss and Grief doesn't just refer to the death of a loved one. We can experience a number of different types of losses throughout our lifetime. Counselling can give clients the space to process their feelings and help work on ways to achieve a more fulfilled life again.

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