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Stress Management Support

Stress management support offers
clients the opportunity to find better and more practical ways of handling stress leading to a happier and more balanced life. 

Stress can come in many forms and at different stages of life, and generally many people are unprepared when this occurs. Stress can manifest itself physically or emotionally when a stressful event occurs.

When used positively stress can help us to take action so we can accomplish our goals. But negative long term stress can contribute to mental and physical depletion which may cause health issues down the track. 

Counselling can provide a space to talk and learn new techniques and skills in order to better cope with stress.

These may include:

- working on problem solving skills so you can better focus and prioritise what is most important. 

- Coping skills, which will include identifying your stressors and  triggers and then working on ways to reduce these. This may include values/goal setting, time management skills, cognitive defusion techniques, self compassion, relaxation techniques, support networks. nutrition and exercise. 

Stress management is vital for maintaining overall well-being and productivity. remember, taking care of your mental and emotional health is essential for a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. 



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