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What Is Counselling?


Counselling is a form of talk therapy. The aim of counselling is to give individuals a safe space where they can work through and understand their problems more fully with the help from a trained professional. The counsellor will generally utilise specific interventions and strategies to help the client find out what's occurring for them, and from there work on ways to help get them back to living a life aligned with their values again. 

The Counselling Approach.


Simone uses a person-centred approach. This means that she does not give the client advice, but Instead  works with individuals collaboratively to help them come up with their own solutions and explore why they are feeling the way they do. Simone believes that everyone has the answers but they may just need some support and assistance in times of struggle and confusion.


Simone uses a number of interventions to assist her clients, these may include a form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy also known as (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or Psychological Flexibility Training ), Solution Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness Interventions.


Simone will always discuss the interventions used in therapy prior to implementing them in session, ensuring her clients are familiar and comfortable with the process.

All counselling sessions are conducted online via Zoom. Telehealth counselling gives clients flexibility and the comfort of being in familiar surroundings. 

A Zoom session runs for approximately 55 mins for a 60 min appointment, and 85 mins for a 90 min appointment, the remainder of the time is used to rebook and to finalise notes of the session.

There may be times when a client's issue is beyond the counsellors scope of practice. If this happens Simone will discuss this with the client and look at appropriate referral options.

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