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"My name is Simone Katalinic,

I am a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and Registered Counsellor. I have always had an interest and passion for helping people live a happier and healthier life. 


We all suffer hardships from time to time, and although we want to do something about it, it's not always easy to take that step. Sometimes we just need someone who will listen and give us the space to work through issues in a non-judgemental environment.


I understand the difficulties and the toll that life can take as I have experienced it first hand. It was through support and talking to a counsellor that I was able to move forward with my own mental health challenges. By taking action I was able to learn new skills, take charge of my health and gain a better understanding of myself. This led me to want to help others with their own struggles.

My aim is to provide a safe space in which you can talk, explore, and learn some new skills to assist in challenging situations. Whether it be support with mental health, life transitions, stress management, or loss and grief.


 I'm a down to earth, empathetic person, who will listen, support, and work with you collaboratively to help you find the right approach. 


I am a member of the Australian Counselling Association. This means I am required to practice in accordance with a strict code of ethics, along with having to have regular supervision sessions to ensure that my clients are receiving the most relevant and up to date care. 


So if you feel like counselling could benefit you, please don't hesitate to get in touch to have a chat.


I look forward to meeting you!"

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